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The New Year – 2014 – Reset Button.

As I sit here at the very dawn of the new year I wonder how this year will bring change good or bad. The thing that is really nice about each new year is that we have the ability to reset our lives and address the things that we believe have held us back during the past year or years. Some people call it a New Years Resolution but what it really is hitting of the reset button.

Every time this happens to me I feel that I now have a path to follow along the road less traveled, and I have a good new direction in my life. But at the same time I look around the world and look at all the turmoil that surrounds us and this gives me pause for thought. How are we as a society going to fix this and the answer is always  “how do you eat an elephant” slowly one bite at a time. And when pushing the reset button one should also adjust our personal expectations to show the very important tasks in our lives and how we feel we can make a difference by not overreaching our goals and be disappointed with the outcome, and the way to do this is to see how one can be of service to the others around us less fortunate than our selves. I know that a lot of this seems like old hat and there is nothing new in what I have found, but it is the degree of finding that makes the difference and the depth of commitment one has to embrace. Which is that other part of the reset that we must look at, we have as a society become very insular and selfish, which leads to this lack of commitment. To  site and example; I recently had to organized a gala event of an association I am involved with and it was a large affair 145 people purchased tickets and I very quickly filled the space provided, but on the night we found that 12 people did not attend for no clear reason. I was a little perplexed and I decided to investigate only because I had to turn many people away because the function was fully sold out. And what I found was “I forgot” or “I had to visit friends” all the excused were equally lame. Their attitude was why should I worry they had paid for their tickets.  What this shows me that we live in a time of excess and the cost of the function was not a driver to commitment, they did not think that they also may be a part of the success of the function in some small way, or that they were able to secure tickets when others were not so fortunate.

I will end by saying that I have once again Pushed the Reset Button with a full expectation that we will do better in 2014.

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I am an engineer and have worked all over the world. But now my wife Elaine and I have settled in the Pacific North West where we can enjoy the great outdoors and enjoy all that the PNW has to offer. And for my part I can use my expertise by making myself available to large and small business.


One thought on “The New Year – 2014 – Reset Button.

  1. Like it Re-set button ! X Happy 2014 !

    Posted by Nora Oxford | January 1, 2014, 11:50 am

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